Westlake Update On Tony Hawk, Centipede

Westlake Interactive has updated their news page with a bit of information on the status of two of their upcoming ports, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 and Centipede.

According to the post on Westlakeis site, Centipede has reached the beta testing milestone. At this stage the game is tested to find all the various bugs effecting the game. This 3D version of Centipede, published by Macsoft, will bring back all those old memories of stanky old arcades with the old hairy smelly guy dishing out piles of quarters. The new version plays just like the classic, but also has a new adventure mode that adds multiple layers of fun.

Next on the information update was the progress report on Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, which has also reached beta, and is "in the final few weeks before shipping." This console designed game (PlayStation 2) has all the spine snapping, cranium bashing fun of extreme skateboarding. We had a chance to play this one on the PC and man is it fun. Some of the moves are a bit too out there to be taken seriously, but this game is definitely addictive. Compatibility testing has been done on ATI and nVIDIA 3D cards and is looking great. The great thing is that MacAddict did an movie interview with Tony Hawk a few months ago and guess what, he uses nothing but a Mac for his publishing and video editing. His system was to die for, too. Very high end. Can you say, studio display?