What Do You Want Your Mac To Do? Developers Seek Insight

DesiSoft Systems has apparently run out of ideas to develop, so they are tapping into the public for some app ideas that people might like to see running on their Macs. DesiSoft is interested in developing itis own line of commercial applications and is seeking out public interest to see what Mac users crave. According to DesiSoft Systems

DesiSoft Systems today announced it was seeking information from users and developers of the Macintosh platform with respect to product ideas they would like to see developed for the Macintosh platform.

In the past, DesiSoft Systems has devoted much of its time to working on products for other firms, both shrink-wrapped and internal solutions, but now is looking to develop their own line of commercial software products.

DesiSoft Systemsi team members specialize in a large number of areas including stand-alone applications development, client-side and server-side applications development, developer and power-user utilities, redeployment (software porting) of existing software products to new operating systems, internationalization issues and development, unique user interface design and development, and more...

Of current interest to many Macintosh users, DesiSoft Systems has also been working on Carbon-based development to bring a variety of products from Classic Mac OS (Mac OS 9 and earlier) to Mac OS X and later.

You can find more information about the Mac commercial development at the DesiSoft Systems Web site.

[Note from Senior News Editor - I personally would like an application that did all my news editing for me, so that I may spend more time building my TARDIS, and picking up Time Lord chicks on Gallifrey. Thank you.]