What Does This Mac OS X 10.0.3 Update Do Anyway?

We reported yesterday that Apple had released an update to Mac OS X bringing it to version 10.0.3. However, Appleis own update page had mixed up information on what the update did. That page offers the same ReadMe information for 10.0.3 that actually applies to the 10.0.2 update that was released on May 1st. Observer Scott Reynolds went digging and found the right ReadMe file at the following location: /Library/Receipts/10.0.3Update.pkg/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/Readme.rtf.

In this case, "/Library" refers to your root Library directory, and not the one in your main account. Note that you will have to Ctrl-click (or click and hold) on the 10.0.3Update.pkg file to "Show Package Contents" in order to get to the other directories. Double clicking on the .pkg file will launch the installer. For those not wishing to mess with all this mess, the ReadMe file for 10.0.3 says (drumroll, please):

The 10.0.3 Update ensures full visibility of file lists in directories that contain a large number of items.

Please note that the good folks at VersionTracker had it right yesterday. There has also been some confusion concerning the size of the updater file. The download file for the update weighs in at 1.6 MB if you are going through the Software Update Control Panel and have already updated to version 10.0.2. If you download the standalone file, it is some 15 MB in size (give or take a bit).

In addition to the official ReadMe improvements, some Observers have reported that apps have been launching more swiftly. We have not conclusively confirmed this as of yet. We recommend that you run Xoptimize, a freeware utility that can improve overall Mac OS X performance.

Thanks to Observer Scott Reynolds for his help.