What Has Five Fingers And Can Throw Lighting?

We caught up with the Chief Operating Officer and the Technology Director of Essential Reality, the makers of the P5 Glove. They happily told us about the history of the company and the product, and also sounded off on some of the complexities of developing for Mac OS X. This could be one of the hottest products of 2002, so listen up!

The running time of this report is 8 minutes, 55 seconds, and the file is 1.5 MB. We recommend you play this piece in the background as you check your e-mail or catch up on the news. Enjoy!

<embed src="http://homepage.mac.com/tmo12/.Movies/EssentialReality.mov" pluginspage="http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/" width="254" height="24" autoplay="true" controller="true" cache="true" type="video/quicktime"></p>

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