What If We Made It 42 Inches?

Someone has a pretty good sense of humor. Hopefully that sense of humor will translate to 1 Infinite Loop, but you never know about that.

Tuesdayis introduction of a 20" iMac has been met with a fairly mixed reaction. Some (like us) say that this machine is terrific, and that it brings the heretofore professional world of 20" displays within reach of consumers, and that this is a Good Thing™. There are also those who say that Apple has somehow personally sinned against them (and is evil, and stupid to boot), because they donit want to buy a "disposable" computer with a such a large display. Throw in just about everything between those two extremes, and that comes close to describing the different reactions to this machine.

As we said in the beginning of this article, someone has a sense of humor about it, however, and has expressed it with a very funny spoof that takes the large-screen iMac idea to an extreme:

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You can find the original image at its Web site.

Spin: This tickled us, and weid like to thank whoever made the image.