What Is On Your Agenda?

Mike Yenco has updated his personal reminder applicaiton, Agenda for Mac, to version 1.2. Agenda features an easy to use, attractive, and powerful interface that allows users to easily record and playback voice memos and reminders. According to Mr. Yenco:

YENCO.COM has released Agenda for Mac - Version 1.2! This revision of the round, virtual calendar device includes a new software update feature for registered users, and a new options screen for accessing Agenda functions. The new version is now available for download in Snow, Graphite, Indigo, Ruby, and Sage.

The Agenda is a different kind of personal calendar. It is a round, virtual device which enables you to digitally record and play back voice reminders using a simple interface. The Agenda is fully Date & Time control panel aware and Year 2000 compliant. It is also fully compatible with Mac OS 9 and makes a great companion to any iMac.

Agenda for Mac is available for US$15. You can find more information at the Yenco.com web site.