What To Take On A Trip? iPod Mini & 12"PowerBook For Starters

Summer is almost here; itis time to think about what to take on that trip to warm beaches or cool mountain vistas. Vacations should be about relaxing, and the last thing anyone should have to think about is how to get your gadgets to work properly. If youire like Julio Ojeda-Zapata of the ContraCosta Times, your decision on which gadgets to take is an easy one; just look for the Apple logo.

In an article in the ContraCosta Times, Mr. Ojeda-Zapata takes a look at essential travel gadget, including the iPod mini and the 12" PowerBook G4. From the article:

A DIGITAL-MUSIC PLAYER: I craved my Sum 41 for sunset walks on the sand, but I didnit want it stored on anything bulky. Even Apple Computeris standard iPod is a bit too hefty for my taste.

Good thing Apple recently released the iPod mini, which incorporates most of the regular iPodis features in a much-smaller package. After testing my iPod mini loaner under travel conditions for just a couple of days, I came to lust after one of my own.


A LAPTOP COMPUTER: I had one main reason for taking a portable on my trip: Using it as a running repository for my digital photos so I could continually erase my SD cards to keep shooting pictures and video.


I needed a laptop that could do it all, easily and elegantly, while taking up little space. Appleis 12-inch Macintosh PowerBook G4 ($1,799 with a DVD-burning SuperDrive) fit the bill. Itis reasonably compact -- tinier laptops are available or in development, but often lack features found in the PowerBook -- yet performed every task I required.

Thereis more in the full article at the ContraCosta Times.