What's More Funny Than Airline Safety Cards? The "Captions"

Observer Dave Bonora, our PC Using Friend, sent us a note about a site called AirToons, a hum-dilly of a Cool Waste of Time. AirToons is a site "dedicated" to supplying captions to those wonderful signs that are found in airplanes. Their captions are just about hysterical, however, and probably not quite what the FAA intended. From the siteis description:

Welcome to AIRTOONS: The site that shows you the humorous side of airline safety by giving you the real meaning behind those airline safety cards. It contains humorous jokes and content, but it may offend people like you. We all know your kind. Click your appropriate selection below to continue! Letis do this!

Iim sure if youive ever flown on an airplane, youive seen the safety cards tucked away in the seat pockets in front of you.

Well, if you look closely youill notice that there are no captions for the imagery in these safety cards. "Why not?" you ask. The answer is simple! They donit want you to be offended, so they leave them out. Well you are in LUCK! Iive discovered the real meanings and posted them here for all to see!

There are two sets of images, and as the description above suggested, one is "adult" oriented, and the other is much less so. Even still, the easily offended should avoid the site altogether, though one would have to be easily offended indeed to get upset. Our favorites include The Purple Magicianis Briefcase and Fantastic Dan. Youill understand when you check the site out. :-)

Thanks to Observer Dave Bonora for the heads up! If you know of a Cool Waste Of Time, let us know.