What's New In Mac OS 9.2.1, Including Startup Times & New Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple released Mac OS 9.2.1 through the Internet yesterday. Observer David Nelson found a direct link for downloading the update that worked much better for many who found downloading the update from the above link difficult. Those who have tried it are reporting MUCH faster downloads in our forums. The file is an 82 MB download. What everyone has been wanting to know, however, is whatis new in the update.

The biggest thing is speed. Mac OS 9.2.1 has a significantly faster startup time, and general use appears much faster. In addition as some enhancements for multiple-users, and the ability to access oneis iDisk from an open & save dialog box. Another big new item is the inclusion of a new "Windows" pulldown menu in the Classic Mac menubar. That comes with cool new shortcuts, and TMO has those new shortcuts for you below.

First up, however, we have notes from an Observer who was a beta tester of the new OS. Please note that we are publishing this *after* the release of the update, which honors his NDA and Appleis privacy. From our source:

Also, on 9.2.1, since I have had the inside track for months now, here are a few of the features that are added:

  • Stability: Man is this thing stable. The Classic OS has never been more stable. I ran for 62 days without a reboot using Photoshop, Poser, Bryce 4, Internet and mail apps, AppleWorks, etc. Very nice.
  • Typing Speed: They took my advice and fixed the typing speed problem that arose every now and again.
  • Speed: Much faster. Boot time for me was cut in half yet again. The OS performance overall was speedier as well. Redraw has been enhanced a little, and overall smoothness.

That is all at the moment that I have noticed. All other aspects are just finishing touches on the best OS ever made. Classic has finally become a very stable, speedy reliable OS (as if it wasnit already!).

Thanks for the note! We too have noticed that the startup time of Classic is now significantly faster. On a 400 MHz Pismo (PowerBook), Classic startup times within Mac OS X went from 2 minutes and 10 seconds to 58 seconds. Uhhh... Wow! On a 500 MHz G4 Titanium PowerBook, the improvement was a bit less dramatic, with startups going from 58 seconds to 45 seconds. In both cases, the timing was done with a pared down Mac OS X extension set used for working with Classic within Mac OS X, and your mileage will vary.

The following are the list of changes under "Whatis New In 9.2.1" in the "Late Breaking News" document included with the installation and painstakingly copied by hand for your edification:

Streamlined folder structure
The folder structure in Mac OS 9.2 makes it easier to find all your files and applications. Here are some changes youill notice.

  • The Applications folder is named "Applications (Mac OS 9)."
  • The Apple Extras and Utilities folders are in the Applications (Mac OS 9) folder.
  • Netscape Communicator and Internet Explorer are in the Applications (Mac OS 9) folder.

Browse your hard disk to get familiar with your new Mac OS, and use Sherlock to locate all your files and folders.

Sharing your USB printer
Macintosh users who are on the same network can share their USB printers. The new control panel lets you set up a shared printer on your desktop so that itis as easy to use as any desktop printer.

Easy navigation in the Finder
Manipulate open windows in the Finder with the new Window menu in the menu bar and a few simple key combinations.

Window menu shortcuts
You can use the Window menu to move easily between open Finder windows. To make a window active, choose its name from the menu. A plus sign (+) means keys are held down together.

Press these keys while you choose an item from the Window menu

  • Command - Close window
  • Command + shift - Put away pop-up window
  • Command + option - Expand selection and close other windows
  • Control - Expand selection and minimize other windows
  • Control + option - Make selection active and expand all open windows

Multiple User support for General Preferences
The new General Controls panel lets each person who uses your computer set his or her own preferences for things like cursor blinking, speech, and the default folder for saving documents.

Instant access to your iDisk
Now you can save files directly to and from your iDisk on the Internet to make it easier to share files between computers. Choose Connect to iDisk from the Shortcuts button of the Open or Save dialog box.

To sign up for your iDisk with your iTools account, go to www.apple.com/itools.

You can find links to upgrading at Appleis new AppleCare section. Note that you may be required to sign up for an AppleCare account in order to access the download. AppleCare accounts are free, and most online tech support from Apple now requires an AppleCare account. You may also use this direct link for downloading the update.