When Good Cookies Go Bad: Bad Cookie 1.0 Released

When a cookie goes bad one always wonders, "Where did I go wrong?" Experts will tell you that cookies tend to be good if one gives them the attention they deserve. To that end, Bainsware has released Bad Cookie! 1.0, a Carbonized browser cookie manager that will help you keep track of all of those cookies your browser stores.

A cookie is a small packet of information stored in your browser that is set by the server of a Web site you have visited. Often they are used to store information you have filled out when visiting that site, and they are also sometimes used by Web sites to track where you have visited within that Web site. Have you ever wonder how it is that the Apple Store or other online vendors seem to have all the information you filled out on your last visit? That information is stored in a cookie on your computer, and apps like Bad Cookie! can help you manage that information. It should be noted that except under highly unusual instances, cookies can not be used by one site to track anything outside of that site, or be used to get information off of your hard drive.

From Bainsware:

Bad Cookie! is a cookie manager supporting both Netscape & Mozilla, Internet Explorer, and OmniWeb.

[The author of the software] tested Bad Cookie! with:

  • Internet Explorer 5.1.3 (Classic)
  • Internet Explorer for OS X (the copy that came with X 10.1)
  • Netscape¨ Communicator 4.61 (Classic)
  • Netscape 6.1 (Classic)
  • Mozilla 1.0rc2 (Classic)
  • OmniWeb 4.1 beta 1, version 332
  • OmniWeb 4.1 beta 6 (v399)

If youire not using one of the browsers listed above, and it matters to you if you lose some cookies, [Bainsware] suggest you make a copy of your cookies file before continuing.


  • Unlimited number of profiles
  • Automatically scan for new cookies
  • Automatically quit if no new cookies were added
  • Inspect the details of a cookie: domain, path, date discovered, expiration date
  • Delete cookies
  • Edit a cookieis content

You can find more information on Bad Cookie! at the companyis Web site. Bad Cookie! is shareware priced at US$10, with a time limited trial available.