When Monkeys Ride A Mercedes-Benz (With Pic)

MonkeyByte.com has announced what it calls the MonkeyMog. The remodeled military radio vehicle will provide rides for whoever wants to try it, and server as a mobile office for the MonkeyByte team. According to MonkeyByte.com

MonkeyByte.com, a developer and online publisher of games and independent music announced today that its "MonkeyMog," a 1965 Mercedes-Benz Unimog military radio vehicle, will appear at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose this month.

The "MonkeyMog" will be providing rides for press, clients, and being displayed to the general public. An uncommon site in the USA, Unimogs are daunting in size and frequently referenced to as "the worlds best off road vehicles." The MonkeyByte.com Unimog comes from Germany, and served as a military radio command vehicle. Its 10x6 foot "radio box" has been refurbished with blue velvet padded walls and black shag carpet, which presents a contrast to its camouflage exterior.

Essentially an office on wheels, the MonkeyMog provides a private place to talk with press and clients, while also providing a unique form of transportation and company promotion. The MonkeyMog is still being renovated, and will ultimately contain several networked computers and will host multi-player game contests during future conventions and conferences.

You can find more information about the MonkeyMog at the MonkeyByte Web site.