Where Is My Magic Decoder Pen?

Lost Minds software has released a new version of their personal file ecncryption/security application, File Twister. Version 1.5 is a complete rework of previous versions, and allows users to encrypt and password protect individual files. According to Lost Minds:

A new version (1.5) of FileTwister has now been released. The new version is a complete remake of the previous version. Even though it might not look like it the encryption utility has been rebuild from scratch. The new version features a nicer interface, better stability and a bunch of other new bells and whistles.

FileTwister is an easy to use encryption tool that allows the user to encrypt a file with his/her own private keyword and later unlock it with the same keyword. More information, screen shots and download can be found at the lost minds web site.

FileTwister is available as shareware for US$5. You can find more information at the Lost Minds web site.