Where Will Apple Be In 2008? The Yankee Group Says At 8% Market Share

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Curious where Apple will be in five years? An E-Commerce Times report says that Apple will be "a healthy alternative platform, one among several." We should know, because the report is quoting TMOis own editor. Those thoughts, however, are backed up by Ryan Jones, senior analyst for media and entertainment strategies at the Yankee Group. Mr. Jones says that he expects Appleis market share to grow from 5% to 8% of the market by 2008, due in large part to the strength of the Digital Hub concept. From E-Commerce Times:

Ryan Jones, senior analyst for media and entertainment strategies at the Yankee Group , told the E-Commerce Times that Apple is unique among PC manufacturers in that it provides users with what he termed "the whole hog." In other words, Apple produces all of the components -- hardware, software, content and services -- of the value chain to deliver a complete digital media experience.

However, Jones cautioned that Appleis tightly integrated ecosystem is both its foremost strength and its biggest weakness.

Traditionally, he explained, larger PC OEMs (most notably Microsoft, with its Windows OS) have adopted and mass-marketed Appleis innovations, leaving Apple still a niche player in the PC space.

"It remains to be seen whether quickness will offer [Apple] an advantage [in digital music distribution] or whether the lumbering giants will take over," Jones said.

Thereis more information in the full article, including quotes from TMO editor Bryan Chaffin and TidBITS publisher Adam Engst, and we recommend it as a very interesting read.

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