Where's Your TMO Shirt Been? 1 Infinite Loop!

Last week, we launched a promotional campaign lovingly titled "Whereis your TMO shirt been?" Itis pretty simple: If you send us a pic of you in your TMO shirt (or hat), weill publish it. The best picture each month will get a TMO mug, so take your pic somewhere cool. TMO forum member LaurieF, who happens to live in New Zealand, says that heis going to get a shot of his shirt at Helmis Deep. Thatis definitely cool, but thereis no end to cool places you can shoot your shirt.

This all started with a pic of two of TMOis forum and IRC channel mods, Jason Varner and FlatEric (Schuyler Frost), who showed off their TMO shirts, along with their new boxes of Panther. Today, we have pictures of TMO staff member Darla Sasaki (Jinkies, in the forums), who wore her "Ladies TMO Shirt" down to none other than Appleis HQ at 1 Infinite Loop, in Cupertino. Fortunately, she had a camera to prove it, and sent in three of them.

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1 Infinite Loop

The grand entry way

Just in case you missed
the address...

Great pics, Darla! Remind us to give you a pay raise.

Everyone else, send us your image and show us where your TMO shirt has been. "..because Windows sucks," the TMO logo, "I use a Mac," one of our polos...whichever shirt you have, wear it out in public, take a pic, and send it to us. If you donit have a TMO shirt, yet, then get one! Theyire inexpensive, they look great, and they help TMO grow.