Which Came First? Foofpod or iPod Sock? Readers Say Former

Which was first...the Apple iPod Sock or the foofpod? Mac Observer readers tell us if anybody copied the iPod blanket, it was Apple.

An Australian company has been selling for a few months now the foofpod, 17 different iPod fabric sleeves. Although not in as many colors or styles, Apple Computer announced its set of iPod Socks in late October.

As one TMO reader stated Thursday, "My Foofpod arrived yesterday from Australia after almost a month of waiting and I had been looking into them for a few months before, long before Steve unveiled his socks. You might want to give credit where credit is due...foof was first.

A foofpod spokesperson was not immediately available to discuss how long their product has been on the market or reaction to Appleis iPod Sock.

The foofpod comes in a variety of colors and fabrics, including spotted faux fur, zebra faux fur, corduroy pink, purple and blue, Kimono blue and gold and tweed dotted fabric of 100% wool (see photo below). The company said new designs and fabrics will be added on a regular basis.

The company said it will make a foofpod for the iPod mini on request. The product is currently handmade using a 1953 Pinnock sewing machine in Sydney, Australia. Because there is only one machine, the company is warning delays in filling orders could increase.

The foofpod retails for US$10.50 to $16.50, not including shipping.

The company also makes foofbags designer sleevs for the PowerBook and iBook, ranging from $26 to 36.