Which Macs do the Pros Use?

Giles Turnbull recently asked a few experts in the Mac field which machine they use. Leander Kahney, Jonathan Rentzsch, Michael Tsai, Joe Kissell, and Andy Ihnakto all provided insight for Mr. Turnbullis article at MacDevCenter.

Leander Kahney, of Cult of Mac, uses a dual 1.8GHz Power Mac G5 at work, and at home has a 1.6GHz Power Mac, eMac, PowerBook G4, and iBook G4. Application he canit live without: His web browser.

Programmer and blog host, Jonathan Rentzsch, is upgrading to a Quad G5 Power Mac from his 800MHz Titanium PowerBook. Application he canit live without: Claris Emailer 2. Despite the features of newer email applications, he feels nothing matches the usability of the Classic-only Emailer. Mr. Rentzsch figures heill have to write his own email client when itis time to move on.

Michael Tsai, creator of SpamSieve and About This Particular Macintosh, works from his dual 2GHz G5 tower, but also keeps a 12-inch PowerBook and a graphite iBook around for testing purposes. Application he canit live without: BBEdit.

Author and blogger, Joe Kissell, uses a 2GHz 20-inch iMac G5 hacked with a second 20-inch widescreen display. Application he canit live without: LaunchBar.

Andy Ihnakto, prolific author and TMO columnist, works from his 15-inch, 1.25GHz, aluminum PowerBook named Lilith 7. Lilith 1 through 6 sit on his shelf. Application he canit live without: OmniOutliner.

Turns out, at least for this group of pros, that G5 towers and PowerBooks are the tools of choice.