While Some In The Industry Struggle, Sonnet Has Record 2000 Year

In a traditionally brutal Macintosh upgrade market, Sonnet has reported a record year in 2000. With all-time high sales accounting for over 60% of the market, Sonnet was able to add a number of compelling products to their lineup, and the company expects to build on last yearis success in the coming months. According to Sonnet:

Sonnet Technologies, theworldwide market share leader in processor upgrade cards for AppleMacintosh(TM) computers, is pleased to report that 2000 represented thelargest revenue year in its history. In this record year, Sonnetis marketshare grew to 63.7%, according to PC Data. Sonnet diversified its productline in 2000, solidifying its position as the premier provider of upgradecards for Macintosh computers.

Sonnet recently received recognition from the financial community for itsstellar revenue performance. Deloitte and Touche, in its annual "Fast 50"awards for the fastest growing technology companies in southernCaliforniais Orange and San Diego counties, placed Sonnet thirteenth forthe five years ending 1999. Furthermore, Sonnet captured the 305thposition in the national rankings. "Weive had another stellar year, andwe look forward to continuing our success in 2001 and beyond," statesRobert Farnsworth, president, CEO, and founder of Sonnet. "Sonnet isdebt-free, and rated ifinancially strongi by Dun and Bradstreet."

Sonnet expanded its product offerings beyond CPU upgrades in 2000,introducing solutions for connecting modern storage and peripherals toolder Macintosh models. The new Tempo(TM) line quickly became a marketleader, allowing fast, economical ATA/IDE drives to work with any PCIMacintosh. A RAID version was introduced later in the year. Tango is thecompanyis FireWire/USB combo card, which brings new peripheraltechnologies to owners of legacy systems. "These two new segments arejust the beginning," says Farnsworth. "You can expect to see Sonnetproducts enter even more categories in the coming year."

You can find more information about the company, and their entire product lineup, at the Sonnet web site.