White House Says "Gimme A W!", But All The "W" Keys Are Missing

In one of the most deft passive-aggressive, yet pointless, acts of pretests in the history of mankind, many computer keyboards in the Old Executive Office Building have been bereft of their "W" keys by outgoing Clinton administration staffers. For those who may have been off the planet for the last couple of months, the new President of the US has a middle name of "Walker" and has enjoyed the initial for that name as a nick-name. According to a Reuters report:
President George W. Bush has lost his middle initial from many computer keyboards at the Old Executive Office Building in the White House complex.

In an apparent prank carried out by departing Clinton administration staffers, Bush aides discovered that dozens of computer keyboards were missing the "W" key.

Bush aides said on Tuesday that the W was marked out in some cases but often the key had been removed -- and sometimes taped on top of doorways -- or damaged with the spring broken.

The new team was studying whether any of the keyboards could be salvaged, but it appeared in many cases they would simply have to be replaced.

The report is a short one, but contains a bit more information.