Who Goes There? Ben Bird Shipping SecuritySpy Public Beta

BenSoft has released the first public beta version of SecuritySpy 1.0b1. SecuritySpy is a surveillance utility designed for capturing images from multiple cameras. The app currently supports up to 4 cameras and features time stamp and motion triggered movie capture. According to Ben Bird:

Today, Ben Bird has announced the release of SecuritySpy, a new multi-camera video surveillance software product for the Macintosh.

The main features of SecuritySpy are:

  • Works with any Macintosh compatible video input device
  • View and capture from multiple cameras simultaneously
  • Highly optimised motion detection
  • Captures movies and/or images when motion is detected
  • Configurable compression settings for movies and images
  • Upload captured images to remote computers and web sites via FTP
  • Pre-capture buffer feature to capture video before the time of motion
  • Timestamp feature to add the image of a clock to each frame

You can find more information about the SecuritySpy beta release at the BenSoft Web site. SecuritySpy is available starting at US$50.00 for a single camera setup.