Who's Who Of The Mac Universe On Tonight's Mac Show

This weeks Mac Show will take a look back at the year 2000, and try to peak ahead to next weekis MACWORLD Expo and beyond. Andy Ihnatko, David Pogue, Bob Levitus, Chris Breen, and Andy Gore will offer their insight about the current and future state of the Macintosh. According to The Mac Show:

The first Mac Show of the new millennium is certainly going to set astandard difficult for following shows to achieve!

Not only is it the show before next weekis Macworld Expo in San Francisco,but itis also the traditional "Macluminaries Show".

5 of the most recognizable names in the Mac industry will join Shawn andHilary on Wednesdayis show. Andy Ihnatko, David Pogue, Bob Levitus, ChrisBreen and Andy Gore will be on to look back 6 months and look forward toExpo and beyond.

And, because itis the first Wednesday of the month, the first User GroupFocus for 2001 will be this week, and will feature a final update on all ofthe User Group events at Macworld Expo. User Group Correspondent ChuckJoiner will also talk with Lorene Romero, User Group Advisory Board memberand president of The North Coast Macintosh User Group, who are hosting theNorth Bay MUG Booth at Macworld Expo.

And last but not least, Peter Cohen of MacCentral will be on with his SneakPeek at next weekis Expo!

Along with all of their usual cool swag to give away - Podium CoolPads fromRoadTools.com, copies of Tech Tool Pro 3, T-Shirts fromMacSupport.About.com - the prize bag gets bigger this week. Eskape Labswill be giving away a MyTV Video and TV Capture Box each week from nowthrough Macworld Expo! Tune in to win!

You can tune into The Mac Show every Wednesday from 7-9:00PM EST.