Why Not? New Chip Allows TiBook Users 1GB Of RAM

Trans Intl. has announced the availability of a low-profile 512MB RAM module for the PowerBook G4 Titanium. The new chip allows TiBook users to have as much as 1GB of RAM in their sleek new laptop. Originally specified to support a maximum of 512MB of RAM, via two 256MB modules, the new chip offers PowerBook G4 users even more power for the worldis most powerful laptop. According to Trans Intl.:

Trans Intl., today announces the availability of the industry first low profile 512 MB SDRAM SO-DIMM memory module for Appleis new Powerbook G4 400/500 Mhz [Titanium].

The Powerbook G4 Titanium has two memory expansion slots for main memory expansion. Memory modules currently available in the channel limit upgrading the systemis main memory to only 512 MB due to a small form factor module requirement in the system.

The new 512 MB SDRAM DIMM is specially designed to fit in the bottom and the top memory expansion slots of the Apple Powerbook G4 [Titanium], allowing users to upgrade the systemis main memory up to 1 GB [Gigabyte] of RAM, which surpasses the current memory upgrade option of 512 MB. The 512 MB SDRAM memory module is 64-bit wide, unbuffered, 3.3v, 144-pin and PC-100 complaint. It conforms to Powerbook G4 electrical and mechanical specifications as outlined in Apple developer documentation.

Maximizing the Powerbook G4 Titanium with the Trans Intl. 512 MB DIMM memory upgrade enables the user to take full advantage of the systemis performance with 100% compatibility with the recently released Firmware Update 4.1.8, Mac OS 9.1 and Mac OS X.

The 512MB low profile RAM module is available for US$399. You can find more information at the Trans Intl. Web site.