'Widget Vending Machine' Opens For Business

The Widget Machine, which its founders describe as a "vending machine for widgets," has opened for business. The Web site enables visitors to demo widgets and purchase them through Paypal, with immediate delivery of a serial number. The first two widgets for sale are VoiceNotes (US$5.95), which records, stores and plays back voice notes, and Statosphere ($4.95), which uses three dials to display CPU and RAM usage as well as other system data.

The company will launch new and updated free and shareware widgets every Wednesday. Its Web site currently lists four widgets that are coming soon: Digital Timer, To Do, FTP Drop and Picture Frame.

The Widget Machine also offers five free widgets: Hot Off the Press, which displays the latest headlines from the New York Times and offers access to its most popular sections; Black ini Blue, an alternative iTunes remote; FlipClock, which displays the time and includes alarm clock functions; a special edition of iClip lite, Inventiveis scrapbook widget; and miniMachine, which shows the latest widgets available from The Widget Machine.