WiebeTech Announces 180 GB, 200 GB FireWire Drives, Upgrade For Older Models

WiebeTech has announced two new FireWire drives, at 180 GB and 200 GB, in the Super DesktopGB model line. The new drives use ATA-6 bridges in order to incorporate the new drive capacities. The company has also announced a bridge upgrade for owners of older units from this line, so that they can add the higher capacity drives to their existing enclosures. From WiebeTech:

WiebeTech is now shipping 180GB and 200GB Super DesktopGB FireWire drives. Super DesktopGB now contains ATA-6 support that is necessary in order to bring these new capacities to the marketplace. The PowerBridgeTM bus powering circuitry of Super DesktopGB has also been improved for compatibility with the FireWire ports of even more Macs and PCs.

For past purchasers of Super DesktopGB a product upgrade is available. This will allow units to receive a bridgeboard with hardware support for ATA-6 drives, new firmware and improved PowerBridge circuitry.

Super DesktopGB includes: Enclosure, vertical stand, FireWire cable and AC adapter. Upgrade includes: Bridgeboard modifications for ATA-6 support, new Firmware, new PowerBridge circuitry. Requires return of useris Super DesktopGB.

You can find more information on the new drives at WiebeTechis Web site. The drives are priced at US$549.95 for the 180 GB model, and US$599.95 for the 200 GB model. The bridge upgrade is priced at US$79.95.