Wildform Now Shipping Wild Form Pro Text Animator

Wildform is now shipping Wild FX Pro for Mac users. Wild FX Pro is a utility designed for creating custom text and title animations. The app features support for several popular video formats and alpha channels for transparent backgrounds. According to Wildform:

Wildform, creators of video and animation software, today announced the release of Wild FX Pro, a highly versatile and very easy to use video titling and text animation software.

Wild FX Pro comes with 417 effects that work with a useris installed fonts, including double-byte characters such as Japanese and Chinese. With Wild FX Pro creating a video title or text animation is as easy as entering text and selecting an effect. Everything from complex effects to complete title crawls can be generated in a matter of minutes.

Wild FX Prois video output formats include .mov, .avi, .dv, and .mp4, all of which can be easily integrated into any video project. The software also supports alpha channel for creating transparent backgrounds for use with non-linear editing programs. In addition, Wild FX Pro outputs .swf Flash files which are ideal for websites, CDs and presentations.

You can find more information about the Wild FX Pro release at the Wildform Web site. Wild FX Pro is available for US$99.00.