Win New Game Title, 4x4 Evolution

The new Mac web site, MacDemos, is giving visitors to their site a chance to win a copy of the hot new game title, 4x4 Evolution. Even though this hot new game has yet to be released, the early returns point to the title being a smash hit. According to MacDemos:

MacDemos is giving away a copy of 4x4 Evolution today through November 1, 2000. The Halloween contest is fun and easy. Sometime during the contest period, a small pumpkin badge will appear on the front page. At the same time, a second pumpkin will appear somewhere else on the site. The first person to identify the location of that second pumpkin wins 4x4 Evolution (when released)!

MacDemos offers daily demo news, reviews, and information. 4x4 Evolution has been the most popular recent demo. MacDemos aims to give away full releases of popular titles each month.

You can find more information on how to win at the MacDemos web site.