Wincent At It Again, Takes A Peak At 4K78

Wincent Colaiuta of has gotten his hands on OS X build 4K78, and has put it through the paces. While Wincent does not believe that 4K78 is the "Gold Master" that Apple announced last Wednesday, speculation that it was indeed one of a handful of "Final Candidate" builds seems to be on the mark. According to

It is with pleasure that we bring you a review of the latest build of Mac OS X to come our way, 4K78. Why the pleasure? 4K78 has managed to put a massive smile on our faces, in much the same way as 4K60 did in late February. This is the best build of OS X weive yet seen by a long way. Rumour has it that 4K78 was one of the first builds to be declared a "final candidate" at Cupertino, and most of the builds labelled as "GM" circulating among Mac enthusiasts at the moment are in fact copies of 4K78. We doni t think that "78" is Golden Master, though.

Information recently published at has suggested that builds as high as 4K83 have been distributed to Premier and Select ADC members as final release candidates. This ties in neatly with our theory that the true GM is numbered higher than 4K78, and possibly higher than 4K83. It also puts an end to speculations that there is or ever was a 5Lxx series inside Apple that Apple was going to stunningly unveil in late March this year and blow everyone away. Weire excited though. Me and Sho, that is. Weive been playing with 4K78 all night. Weire so excited that weire still sitting here at 5:43 in the morning writing this review! 4K78 looks sweet, and the fact that there are even newer builds out there is a ve ry exciting prospect. We canit wait to see 4K83, and weire looking forward to GM even more.

You can read the full review at the Web site. You can also read the first rendition of the new Mac Observer OS X column, Hot Cocoa, that Mr. Colaiuta will be co-authoring.