Wincent Updates iTunes Utility Synergy for Tiger

Developer Wincent has released Synergy 1.8, an update to the iTunes utility that adds support for Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" and delivers several bug fixes and performance enhancements. Synergy places three buttons -- next track, previous track and play/pause -- in the menu bar and displays a floating window that contains information about the artist and track. In addition, it queries to find album covers and downloads the ones it locates to iTunes.

Wincent also noted that 14 more free button sets have been added to the ones available for download from its Web site, bringing the total to 123. The developer said that it will start referring to Synergy as Synergy Classic to differentiate it from the upcoming Synergy Advance, which promises a more robust set of ways to interact with iTunes. Wincent expects to make a public preview available on May 2.

Synergy 1.8 requires Mac OS X v10.2.2 and sells for US$10, with a seven-day demo available.