Windows And Macs, In Perfect Harmony

Group Logic has released ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.3, a program that allows Windows 2000/NT users to more easily work with Macintosh files. The program enhances the native cross-platform ability within the Windows environment. According to Group Logic:

Group Logic, the Virginia-based software publisher, announced that ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.3 is now available as a free upgrade. ExtremeZ-IP 1.1.3 adds optimization for Windows 2000 on Intel as well as a number of minor enhancements on Windows NT 4.0 for both Intel and Alpha platforms. Registered users may download an update to ExtremeZ-IP1.1.3 from Group Logicis Web site

On Windows 2000, ExtremeZ-IP enables Macintosh workstations to access files on Windows at least twice as fast as with Windows 2000is built-in Services for Macintosh (SFM). ExtremeZ-IP also supports the Service Location Protocol that allows users to browse the network for servers rather than having to remember their TCP/IP addresses. Support for SLP is still not available in SFM more than a year after Apple began using it. "ExtremeZ-IP, version 1.1.3, adds important features that our customers have been requesting and demonstrates our continued commitment to be responsive. Look for more enhancements soon!" said T. Reid Lewis, president of Group Logic. "The fact that ExtremeZ-IP is twice as fast as Windows 2000 SFM confirms that ExtremeZ-IP continues to be a imust havei for mixed platform networks," he added.

Since ExtremeZ-IP is available for Windows 2000 Professional and Windows NT Workstation, it makes a computer running Professional or Workstation a viable alternative to Windows 2000 or Windows NT Server for small Macintosh-based workgroups or server applications such as RIPs, DAMs or OPI servers.

With ExtremeZ-IP, publishing professionals, software developers, schools and others experience Macintosh-to-Windows connectivity that takes advantage of all the throughput capabilities of100BaseT and 1000baseT (Gigabit) Ethernet. Accelerated performance will be seen on 10BaseT Ethernet and maximum gains will be seen on 100BaseT and 1000baseT (Gigabit) Ethernet. The result of the performance gains delivered by ExtremeZ-IP is increased productivity, more efficient use of computing resources, and streamlined workflow throughout the enterprise.

Developed and distributed by Group Logic, ExtremeZ-IP is an AppleShareIP? server software package for Windows NT and Windows 2000. When installed and running on a Windows file server, the product allows Macintosh users running Mac OS 7.6 or greater to mount the serveris shared disks through the familiar Chooser interface or the new IP-based Network Browser. Since ExtremeZ-IP is optimized to provide Mac file sharing services, it performs substantially faster than Windowsis built-in SFM on both Windows NT and Windows 2000. In both cases, ExtremeZ-IP can replace Services for Macintosh, or run alongside it, if necessary. ExtremeZ-IP supports the latest Macintosh client technologies, including the Service Location Protocol (for appearing in the Network Browser in Mac OS 9), and Appleis built-in encrypted log-on support for long passwords.

ExtremeZ-IP is available starting at US$999. You can find more information at the Group Logic web sitre.