Windows Maven David Coursey Officially Switches (Back) To The Mac

Lucifer may wish to check his weather report today, because David Coursey has officially switched back to the Mac. After leaving the Mac fold many years ago at the height of Appleis troubles in the mid-90s, the prodigal son has concluded a month long experiment in exclusively using an iMac G4 by deciding to stay with the machine. Mr. Coursey is the Executive Editor of AnchorDesk, and published his decision in a column titled "Can a Windows guy learn to love the Mac? You bet!":

"Can a Windows-dependent technology columnist live happily as a Mac user? Thatis the question I am about to spend a month of my life trying to answer."

Thatis how I started my "month on Mac" series, which now runs to seven columns. Yes, itis been three months rather than one, but I had my reasons for stretching it out.

First, I spent February in the clutches of a nasty flu. Then I started worrying that I was writing about Apple too much, which makes some of my readers antsy, and decided I should spread out the columns a bit.

And when Iid used up all my other excuses, I finally came to the real reason Iid extended the experiment: I like this little iMac and donit want to give it up. Itis a whole lot more fun than my Windows machine, and a great creative tool for whacking out these daily columns.

Mr. Coursey goes on to list the many reasons he prefers the Mac, but also includes the things he thinks could be better. He also admits that he will keep using his Windows XP machine for some things, like Instant Messaging during his radio show. Read the full article, itis a very enjoyable read.

Thanks to TMO Forum member nestreet for the heads up on Mr. Courseyis column.