Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere to Bring Vista Look to Macs, Cell Phones

Microsoft will in the third quarter release a preview version of Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere (WPFE), a user interface toolkit that will enable developers to bring the graphical look of the upcoming Windows Vista to Macs, cell phones and Windows XP and 2000. According at an article at ZDNet, the software will be released in the first half of 2007; Microsoft has said that Windows Vistais release has been delayed until the beginning of next year.

Michael Wallent, general manager of Windows client platform and documents at Microsoft, said at the Mix i06 Web developer conference on Monday that, while WPFE wonit enable developers to use the full graphical capabilities of Windows Vista, it will enable them to include animations and 3D objects in their applications. Developers will need to use Microsoftis XAML page layout language as well as Javascript.