Windows RG (The Really Good Edition)!

Observer Terry Rusk is now indirectly responsible for the TMO staff wasting tons of time. He sent us a link to a rather brilliant satirical look at Windows called Windows RG. Thatis the "Really Good" edition, for those keeping score at home. Windows RG is a Flash presentation of the Windows operating system at work. Itis a very funny mix of imitation and subtle cracks at Microsoftis expense. From Observer Terry:

I know this is a Mac newsletter but this was too much fun to pass up. Be sure to choose Shutdown and check the credits.

Click the above image for a larger version.

Mac publication or not, we consider anything making fun of Microsoft to be a Cool Waste of Time, Terry. Thanks for the tip! Make sure you check out all the fun options in the Start menu, and make sure you go through the "Shutdown" process. The icons all do something as well, and even the Windows Media Player plays a little movie until it crashes. :-) Also, note that the Windows startup noise and other associated Windows sounds are included to make it all that much more real.

If you know of a Cool Waste Of Time, let us know.