Windows Security Experts Find Vista Inadequate

Vista is not a security solution and has an incomplete set of security features that are insufficient to protect users from Internet threats. That was guidance provided by one of a group of Windows security experts in a story at The Register published on Wednesday.

In response to the question about XP or Vista at Christmas for buyers, the group of nine experts generally pointed out that while Vista has better inherent security than XP, it is an incomplete solution and customers shouldnit have a false sense of confidence.

Laura Yecies, general manager of Check Pointis consumer division for ZoneAlarm said, "While Vista marketing touts increased security, we also expect a new OS be analogous to waving a red cape in front of a bull...hackers wonit be able to resist the challenge. That may result in even more vulnerabilities for a consumer to patch." David Perry of Trend Micro stated that "Microsoft tells us that Vista will have the best security ever, but a lot of that security will come not from the Vista OS itself. Much of the new security is tied to the 2007 release of applications like Outlook and Internet Explorer."

One problem that Windows users will face is making a choice between running some older applications in XP that wonit run under Vista or upgrading to a slightly more secure OS and losing compatibiity.

The article doesnit include any additional observations. However, the viewpoints of the principals of companies that have a stake in providing products that enhance the security of Vista provided insight into Microsoftis security strategy.