Wine Collector 150 Includes Wine Mgmt. App, Scanner

IntelliScanner Corp. has released Wine Collector 150, a package that includes not only the companyis wine management software but also a scanner for reading the barcodes on wine bottles and adding them to the database. Two versions are available, one with a Bluetooth-enabled scanner (US$299) and one with a wired scanner that connects to a USB port ($199).

The Wine Collector 1.5 software features a database of 62,000 wines, so it autofills entries as soon as theyire created. Entries for wines unfound in the database are uploaded to IntelliScanneris site, which shares them with other users. Color-coded maturity fields help users easily see when a particular bottle of wine is best to open.

The application also includes a location management system that shows a bottleis location on a virtual rack, or in a specific physical location. Data can be imported from Microsoft Excel or other applications via text files and can be exported as tab-delimited, CSV or XML files.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.3 or higher. The USB scanner requires a USB 1.1 or 2.0 port. The Bluetooth version takes three AAA batteries and can hold 500 barcodes before they must be dumped into the database.

You get all this, minus the wine

Wine Collectoris main screen