Winners of the Unity Dashboard Widget Challenge Announced

OverTheEdge (OTEE) has announced the winners of its Unity Dashboard Widget Challenge, which drew 13 entries in a contest that asked developers to quickly create games that could be distributed as Dashboard Widgets. The Peopleis Love Ballot, which was awarded to the game that earned the most popular votes, went to Open Fire Beta 12, with Banana Warehouse the runner-up.

Grand Prix of the Jury, which was selected by a panel of OverTheEdge employees, went to OverWhelmed Arena, while the runner-up was Isle of the Towerguard. Finally, The Project Files of Deep Wisdom award went to games whose source code was released to the community. The winner in that category was SpaceDoc and the runner-up was Sol System Defender.

The Grand Prix Prize of the Jury and Peopleis Love Ballot winners scored a Unity Pro license (Unity Indie for the Peopleis Love winner) and an ATI Radeon X800 XT Mac Edition video card. A Unity Indie license went to the Project Files of Deep Wisdom winner. In addition, the best five entries in the third category earned a copy of GooBall, which was developed by OTTE with Unity and was published through Ambrosia Software.

The runner-up in each category received an Inside Mac Games Pro subscription while all participants who submitted valid Widgets got 15% off the purchase of one Unity license.