Wired: Macs Not Unsung Anymore

Wiredis Leander Kahney tells about a songwriter who immortalizes the Mac in song. John Swerdan is an elementary school teacher, a songwriter, and a Mac lover. According to the Wired article, Mr. Swerdan has written 9 songs about the Mac. The article says:

"In the early i60s, groups like the Beach Boys sang passionately about surfing and hot rods," he (Mr. Swerdan) said. "I feel just as strongly about computers."

Leander Kahneyis article point to other instances where Macs can be heard making music as well as making music.

Famous musicians who are also Mac fans include Trent Reznor, Bjork and De La Soul, who used an Apple startup chime at the beginning of a recent album. Janet Jackson also used a Mac startup sound in one of her songs. A lot of rap groups are Macintosh fans, according to Lukas Hauser in Miredis MacCommunist column, including the rap ubergroup Hieroglyphics, the Beastie Boys and the Wu-Tang Clan.

The Wired article is an interesting read. Check it out.