Wired News: Cube Is Alive And Well

Appleis G4 Cube may have been ostracized from Appleis line-up, but, like the never-say-die Newton, the ill-fated Cube is neither ill nor fated for oblivion, at least not yet. Wired Newsi Leander Kahney offers a look into the innovative and hardly square world of Apple Cube Owners. From the article titled, Apple Cube: Alive and Selling:

Though discontinued three years ago, Appleis Power Mac G4 Cube commands a strong -- almost fanatical -- following. Used Cubes fetch premium prices on eBay, thereis a thriving trade in aftermarket upgrades, and dedicated owners are going to extreme lengths to keep their much-loved machines current.

New processor upgrades for the Cube may soon make it one of the fastest G4 Macs on the market, and a computer boutique specializing in high-design technology has just started selling a line of upgraded Cubes to its well-heeled customers.

"It was derided and abandoned, and yet here are thousands and thousands of users who say this is the greatest thing (Apple) ever did," said Laurie Duncan, who runs the popular CubeOwner Web site. "Itis a thing of beauty. People are holding onto them for dear life."

Duncan, a Brooklyn-based Mac consultant , said the Cube is unique, a utilitarian computer that verges on a piece of art. She noted that one is on display in New York Cityis Museum of Modern Art.

The full article is an entertaining read, so check it out at Wired News.