Wired News Looks At Devices They Want For The Future, Including The iPhone

One of the few requirements of being a Mac owner is that you must, at some point in your Mac owning career, dream up some device youid like to see Apple release. Itis expected of you; if you own a Mac you have to have a dream device knocking around somewhere in your cranium, and you have to tell others about it.

Thatis not to say that non-Mac users donit harbor a wish-list theyid like to give to Steve Jobs. We know that PC-people panted and longed for a chance to own an iPod and, something that finally come true for them. Still, prognosticating about future goodies from 1 Infinite Loop is a pastime we Mac lovers love to indulge.

Apparently we are not the only ones; Wired News has published a really interesting list of devices it believes we may see circa 2013, which is not so far from now. The first on their list of technological tidbits from tomorrow is a device they believe will come from Apple: the iPhone (Wired doesnit mention that Apple owns the trademark for iPhone). Hereis the description:

Talk This Way

Apple redefined the desktop, laptop, and MP3 player. The next insanely great thing: an LCD arm cuff that includes a PDA, wireless Internet, a mini iPod, and, of course, a phone. The iPhone braceletis motion sensor allows you to scroll through apps and files with the flick of a wrist; its clasp holds a digicam for use during video calls; and its wireless ear clip lets you listen and speak to callers. And everything can be done via voice recognition or touchscreen. Talk about the right call.

The rest of the article details other drool inducing devices such as noise selective earplugs that eliminates only the sounds you want. Check out the article, Future Fetish, at Wired News.