Wired News Looks At Earbud Alternatives

If you are one of the many earbud-challenged -- folks who canit or wonit use those earbuds that come with iPods and other portable music devices -- then there may just hope for you yet. Wired Newsi Leander Kahney has taken a look at several replacement earphones that deliver great sound, but at a price. Here a bit of Mr. Kahneyis review, titled Change Your Input, Get an Earful:

While the iPodis earbuds are generally pretty good, they simply arenit in the same league as the E3c earphones, which pump out such clear and strong sound they make your eyes pop.

Nor are they in the same price range. The E3c lists for $180 -- enough to make you choke on your soup.

The sound pumped out by the E3c is so clear and detailed, it reveals quite clearly how badly a lot of MP3 files are encoded, which isnit apparent with standard iPod earbuds, nor with a pair of good-quality headphones.

Unlike standard earbuds, the Shure earphones donit sit in the ear. Instead, they are inserted inside the ear canal, and are sometimes known as "canal phones."

Other canal phones include Etymotic Researchis $130 ER-6 phones and Kossis $15 Plug.

You can read the full story at Wired News.