Wired Offers Look At Apple Sticker Chic

Wired Magazine has published a piece that takes a look at the chicness of Appleis logo stickers. The piece offers a really nice history of where the stickers came from, as well as the many unusual ways that different people have embraced them, including one woman whose car was broken into just to steal her 6-colored window appliqué:

"Some maladjusted subhuman broke into my car last night," she wrote in her weblog. "Did they take the little case of CDs? Nooo. Did they take anything of value? Nooo. That scoundrel broke my window to steal my Apple sticker!"

Okeyis sticker was an older one, the classic rainbow-striped kind. It was stuck on a rear quarter-window. A Gap shoulder bag was also stolen containing a copy of the Boston Dog Loveris Companion, among other things, but Okey found it later in a trashcan up the street. The only thing she never recovered was the decal.

Okey has a replacement but dares not put it in the car. "I donit want to risk losing my last 1980s Apple decal," she said. "It broke my heart because it isnit something I can replace."

Thatis not quite true. Apple decals as old-school as the one stolen from Okeyis car can be found for a few dollars on eBay or on collectorsi sites like redlightrunner.

So why would anyone steal an Apple sticker? Itis not as if theyire rare.

Apple provides a couple of free decals with every new machine. The company started the practice in the late 1970s with the Apple II, and continued it through the Apple III and the Macintosh line.

Itis a two page report, with the second page containing most of the historical observations.