Wired Reports That Steve Jobs Talks Like The Rest Of Us

The man who envisioned the computer "for the rest of us" apparently talks like the rest of us too. According to a Wired News piece, Steve Jobs made an unannounced visit to an Apple reseller meeting during last weekis MACWORLD Expo for a short speech and a Q&A. During that session, Mr. Jobs reportedly was a "potty mouth," something that impressed those in attendance. According to Wired:

At a big meeting of Appleis resellers at the Macworld Expo this week, Appleis CEO Steve Jobs unexpectedly dropped in. According to those in attendance, the "great man" gave a short talk and then took questions from the floor for more than an hour. The resellers -- a bunch of no-nonsense businessmen and not your typical artsy-fartsy Macintosh types -- were impressed by his candor. Jobs gave frank and honest answers to tough questions in this time of trouble for the company and its partners, they said. They were also impressed by his incredible potty mouth. Every sentence he uttered -- every single one -- contained an expletive. "I was surprised," said one reseller, who asked not to be named. "He wasnit like he was during his keynotes."

For a delicious sample of that reported dialogue, read the full report from Wired. It also contains more reports on the Expo itself and is both an entertaining and informative read.