Wired's Dave Horrigan Sings The Praises of VirtualPC 5.0

Wired News contributing editor, Dave Horrigan, really likes Connectixis Virtual PC 5.0 for OS X. In a recent Wired News article, Dave proclaims:

"Over the last few months a new trend has emerged: More and more Windows users are changing over to a Mac.

For the most part, PC users are confident they are making the correct decision, but occasionally, they have serious concerns about whether they will be able to open files and do business on a Mac without a lot of hassles.

The fact is, there are very few commercial PC programs that donit have a Mac equivalent. But even though the Mac applications can replace or even surpass the PC apps, much of the time changing over to a cross-platform application isnit practical because of the expense or retraining it requires.

But this situation no longer prevents anyone from changing over to a Mac. Mac users now have Virtual PC 5.0."

Mr. Horrigan goes on to explain the many advantages of running Virtual PC 5.0 on OS X, including being able to install and run every type of PC compatible operating system available from a single Mac. He writes:

"...Virtual PC allows you to install a Microsoft, Linux or IBM operating system on your Mac. VPC tricks the guest operating system into thinking your Mac is a PC so you can actually run PC programs.

VPC 5 takes it one step further and will run up to 11 different operating systems on your Mac all at once -—providing you have OS X as one of those operating systems."

You can find the full article at Wired News.