Wolverton: 'Apple May Need to Power Up Mac'

According to TheStreet.comis Troy Wolverton, who recently spoke with several industry analysts, Appleis computers "are still the key to the companyis continued success." The iPodis ever-higher sales have revived a company once considered a marginal player, but now, Wolverton says, "the Mac computer line needs to catch some of the iPodis fire."

Ahead of Wednesdayis earnings announcement, a Thomson/First Call consensus of analysts pegs Appleis profit at 24 cents a share on revenue of US$3.18 billion, well beyond the companyis January estimate that it would earn 20 cents a share on $2.9 billion in sales. For the full fiscal year, analysts see $1.11 per share on $13.34 billion in revenue, numbers that could easily jump if Macintosh sales actually experience the oft-discussed "halo effect."

While Wolverton cites "little evidence" from Apple that users are switching from Windows to Mac in larger numbers than before, he does note that Mac sales grew faster than PC market sales did during last yearis fourth quarter, a trend that continued in January and February, according to data from NPD Group. "Bumping up market share by just one percentage point or so could add billions to the companyis revenue," he writes.

You can read more in Wolvertonis piece.