WoodWing Announces Upcoming Release Of Smart Connection For InDesign And InCopy

WoodWing Software has announced the upcoming release of Smart Connection Enterprise for Mac users. Smart Connection Enterprise is a publishing utility designed for Adobe InDesign and InCopy database management. The app features search filters for improved file locating. According to WoodWing Software:

We are very proud to announce Smart Connection Enterprise for Adobe Inc.is InDesign/InCopy production environment.

Using a database as its engine, Smart Connection Enterprise allows complex and large workgroup environments to dramatically improve their publishing workflow. When large workgroups are involved, access and user rights management and the ability to create complex queries become an important issue.

Users expect the ability to search for files using many different search "filters", combined in an easy-to-use query. They need to find files fast. Administrators need the capability to categorize documents with many different keywords (meta data) so they can be easily identified and retrieved by users later on. For users of such environments, a database-driven production system may be the only viable option. For them, WoodWing today announces Smart Connection Enterprise. Smart Connection Enterprise is just as easy to use as WoodWingis award-winning Smart Connection Pro and Light plug-ins for InDesign and InCopy.

You can find more information about Smart Connection Enterprise at the WoodWing Web site. Smart Connection Enterprise is slated for release in March.