Words Get Bubbly On OS X With textSOAP Update

unmarked software has released an update for textSOAP, bringing it to version 3.1. textSOAP is an internet text cleaning utility with full support for OS X. The upgrade has enhancements as well as bug fixes. According to unmarked software:

unmarked software updates its textSOAP 3 internet text cleaning uility.

textSOAP 3.1 adds new features requested by users as well as fixes several known problems. Changes include:

  • Added feature to set Font & Size of text (under Preferences)
  • Added support for dropping folders when creating new batch scripts
  • Added feature to import / export custom cleaners
  • Added mouse wheel support under OS X
  • Added new ROT 13 cleaner
  • Added Remove Forwarded Text cleaner
  • Application now supports calling Services under OS X 10.1
  • Fixed MIME cleaner to work properly with URLis
  • Fixed a problem where internal find/replace cleaners could crash
  • Fixed Find/Replace occurrences of N or more feature. It was looking for N+1 as the minimum
  • Installer offers to also install Classic files when installing under OS X
  • Cleaners in Service are now up-to-date with cleaners in application
  • Added additional support for OS X 10.1 (with Services)
  • Additional interface changes for OS X Aqua
  • User Manual updated

You can find more information about textSOAP3 at the unmarked software Web site. textSOAP3 is available shareware for US$19.95.