Wordsmith Word Puzzle Game Released From Dracosoft

Dracosoft has released a new game for Mac gamers, Wordsmith 1.0. Wordsmith is an arcade/puzzle game where the object is to create words up to seven characters in length before the clock runs out. According to Dracosoft:

Dracosoft releases Wordsmith.

Wordsmith is an entertaining word-forming game. Form words up to seven letters long before the time expires, or enjoy more relaxing play in practice mode.

Use wilds and letters to form words as fast as you can. Create words with bonus letters for additional points. Get more points by forming words five, six, and seven letters long. Use the hot buttons at the bottom, to shuffle tiles, drop your hand, or automatically create words.

Dracosoft’s Wordsmith truly tests your skills.

You can find more information about the Wordsmith release at the Dracosoft Web site. Wordsmith 1.0 is available for US$9.99.