Work It Like You Wanna With Work Sets From Tinnef Software

Letis say you are a multitasking fool (we mean that in a good way) and, while you are composing the lyrics to the next Great American Song in Word, you keep several handy apps open to support your effort, like OmniGraffle, Safari, and maybe an app for composing music. Each app has files open and, you happily bounce between windows like a butterfly with too much caffeine.

Normally, to become immersed in your composing nirvana you would have to open each of your apps then the files that you were in; tedious even on a screaming DP Mac. What if there was a way to automagically save the state of your pool of composing widows and apps in a iwork seti when you need to suspend your fun for a time, then activate those apps and files all at once whenever you are ready to resume?

Enter Work Sets from Tinnef Software:

Tinnef Software, makers of Text Wielder, announces the release of "Work Sets" - an innovative native Mac OS X application which can remember(or "capture") and restore the open applications, documents, web pages, Finder windows, and other items on Mac OS X systems.

The Work Sets application allows users to create, capture, restore, update, and edit what are called "work sets". A work set is a list of items which can include applications and applescripts. When a new work set is captured it contains all of the running applications on the computer and for enhanced applications additional information about the state of the application is also remembered. This additional information can include open documents, window position, Web page URLs, and many other attributes. When the work set is restored, all of the applications in the work set are launched and the captured documents will be opened with their original window positions, and other attributes restored. Users can assign key combinations, called hotkeys, to each work set so they can restore work sets from any other application.

Work Sets can capture any native OS X program but has extended support for the most popular Mac applications. When Work Sets captures an application with enhanced support, it will remember details such as which documents that application has open, and where the windows are placed on the screen. The features supported by Work Sets for each individual application depends on that applications AppleScript support. Below is the list of current enhanced applications:

  • AppleWorks 6
  • BBEdit
  • Finder
  • Internet Explorer
  • iPhoto
  • iTunes
  • Microsoft Word
  • OmniGraffle
  • OmniWeb
  • Project Builder
  • QuickTime Player
  • Safari
  • Script Editor
  • System Preferences
  • TextEdit
  • Virtual PC

More enhanced applications will be added soon in a future release.

Please stop by Tinnef Software Website for more info about Work Sets and other Tinnef Software offerings. Work Sets is available for US$25.00.