Work Of Fiction Mentions Mac Vs. PC Users Friction, Bad Movie Uses Lots Of Macs

It was with great delight that your author encountered a most unexpected Mac sighting in a book. Dan Simmons, a noted SciFi, horror, and suspense author, published a book called Darwinis Blade in 2000. The story is about an accident investigator, Darwin Minor, who gets involved in an insurance fraud investigation. At one point, Mr. Minor is showing some simulations he put together on his Wintel CAD station, when the chief investigator, Syd, with whom he is working pulls out her PowerBook. From the book:

"Wait a minute," said Syd. "Wait a minute." She went over to her big leather tote bag and pulled a top-of-the-line Apple PowerBook from it.

As she set the computer on the table next to Daris PC equipment, he looked at her dubiously, the way a Lutheran would have regarded a Catholic in the seventeenth century. Apple people and PC people rarely mix well.

We arenit sure which platform the author works on, but this unexpected snapshot into our geek lives was entertaining, to say the least. Mr. Simmons is best known for Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, and the follow-up books Endymion, and The Rise of Endymion. We strongly recommend those as excellent reading.

In another, less entertaining Mac Sighting, we noticed in the "movie," Clockstoppers, that just about everyone in the movie used Macs. Clockstoppers is about a secret government agency that develops a way to accelerate the atoms in a human so fast, that not only are they invisible, but it seems like the rest of the world is standing still to those accelerated. Great premise.

Or not.

In any event, there were G3 iMacs and iBooks everywhere, with the bad guys seemingly relying on Apple to compute all of their bad schemes. We donit recommend the movie, but we do get a kick out of seeing Apple on the Silver Screen.

If youive spotted Macs in the press, on film, or anywhere else, let us know by writing!