WorldSync Ships SyncDeK Version 5.0

WorldSync, Inc. is shipping a new version of SyncDeK, bringing it to version 5.0. SyncDeK is a utility designed for remote FileMaker database replication. The latest release features new replication technology and is cross-platform compatible. According to WorldSync, Inc.:

WorldSync, Inc. today shipped SyncDeK(R) Single-user Engine 5.0 and SyncDeK Network Engine 5.0, powering bi-directional asynchronous data replication for data in FileMaker databases that are persistently connected to the Internet or used offline.

SyncDeK 5 introduces new data replication technology with the core SyncDeK application built as a next generation Java-based service, configured with FileMaker Pro and operating through a single plug-in that works on both Mac and PC FileMaker Pro clients and supports FileMaker Server. This dramatically reduces the "moving parts" required for implementation and reduces development costs. A simple installation and administration interface is provided by the new SyncDeK Developer tool. Numerous advanced capabilities are available for developers.

SyncDeK 5.0 is a powerful application and plug-in combination that together provides the synchronization of specified fields between distributed FileMaker databases based on configurable rules, using commonly available Internet protocols. Designed for use by remote sites and mobile workers, often working offline, SyncDeK combines the power of Java-based background services with the flexibility of standard Internet communication protocols to synchronize XML data.

You can find more information about the latest SyncDeK release at the WorldSync, Inc. Web site. SyncDeK Single-user Engine is available for US$199.00, SyncDeK Network Engine is available for US$699.00.