Woz Spotting: Woz On Hand at U.S. Patent and Trademark Building Grand Opening

Apple, as any school kid knows, was created by The Two Steves; Appleis once and current CEO, Steve Jobs, and the engineering wunderkind and all-around swell guy, Steven Wozniak. While Jobs seems to have a knack for staying in the limelight, Woz seems to pop up into the news every so often, like a prairie dog checking out whatis happening around his mound.

Woz was recently spotted at the new headquarters of the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia, where he and other inventors and notable engineers were on hand for the grand opening. From the USPTO News article, First Building of USPTO?s Consolidated Headquarters Opens:

The USPTOis new consolidated headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, officially opened on December 2. Senator John Warner of Virginia and Congressman James Moran of Virginia joined top officials from the Department of Commerce, USPTO, GSA, and the City of Alexandria at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Also participating were National Inventor Hall of Fame inductees Jim Wynne, co-inventor of Lasik eye surgery and Steve Wozniak inventor of the personal computer. Patent examiner Morton Foelak represented the first USPTO employees who will work at the new facility. The first building to open is named in honor of Henry Remsen, Jr., chief clerk of the first patent board who recorded the first rules for the examination of patents.

Stop by the USPTO website for information about their new digs, and stop by Woz.org for more information on what Woz is up to.

Weid like to thank Observer, Ken Palmer, for alerting us to Wozis whereabouts.