Wozniak's Book Hits Stores

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniakis book iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple and Had Fun Doing It reached bookstores on Tuesday. It focuses mostly on the early days of his relationship with current company CEO Steve Jobs. He told the San Francisco Chronicleis Ellen Lee: "I wanted to get that out for a long time. People wanted to hear it, and this is coming right out of my mouth."

Excerpts from the book published on the Chronicleis Web site reveal, among other things, that Bob Dylanis music "struck a moral chord" with Mr. Wozniak and Mr. Jobs when they first met, leading to them being "linked forever" because of it. He also described the Homebrew Computer Club meeting that inspired him to create the Apple I, and the sacrifices he and Mr. Jobs made to start their company.

Mr. Wozniak wrote: "We were in (Steve Jobsi) car and he said -- and I can remember him saying this like it was yesterday, iWell, even if we lose our money, weill have a company. For once in our lives, weill have a company.i"